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May 3, 2024
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A Sacrifice of Praise

Marie Adele Garnier and the founding of Tyburn Convent

Right in the heart of London, not a stone's throw from Marble Arch is Tyburn. From 1196 to 1783 it was the site of the King's Gallows, a place of shame to which many a common criminal made a one-way journey. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the "Tree of Tyburn", the Deadly Never-Green Tyburn Tree was erected; a triple gallows which would serve to transform this place of shame into a place of glory as a steady procession of Catholic Martyrs pilgrimed heavenward by this route. A Sacrifice of Praise is the remarkable story of a remarkable woman, Mother Marie Adele Garnier, and of how, through her efforts, Tyburn is today the home of Tyburn Convent - the Mother House of a world-wide congregation of cloistered Benedictine nuns, and famous shrine of the English Reformation Martyrs.

About the Author

Dom Bede Camm, OSB (1864 -1942) was an English Benedictine monk and martyrologist.
Abbey Press

9780907077459 : a-sacrifice-of-praise-camm
Paperback / softback
May 3, 2024
$19.95 USD

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