November 18, 2011
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A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946, Volume 4

Volume 4: Illinois, Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan

With his meticulously crafted, hand-drawn maps of America’s complex and extensive railroad network, Richard C. Carpenter recaptures a time when steam locomotives were still king and passenger trains stopped at nearly every town. Before railroad mergers forced the abandonment of thousands of miles of line and passengers chose to hop behind the wheel of a car rather than buy a train ticket, the United States, at its post–World War II apex, boasted what many considered the finest passenger railroad system in the world.

The fourth volume in this acclaimed series illustrates in stunning detail the rail system in Illinois, Wisconsin, and upper Michigan. Charting not only the exact direction and distance of each rail line, Carpenter also includes with precision the railroad’s operational details: both existing and long-since-demolished signal towers, interlockings, passenger stations, major rail yards, repair shops, crew change points, trackage rights and joint operations, and other rarely mapped, rail-specific sites. The book's unique format allows easy cross-referencing with U.S. Geological Survey maps and DeLorme state road atlases. Also highlighted are rivers, lakes, and state and county boundaries, as well as the mileposts for every line.

These beautifully rendered maps tell the fascinating story of America’s unparalleled railroad network in 1946. Anyone interested in how people and goods moved around the country will find much to learn and appreciate in Richard Carpenter’s one-of-a-kind railroad atlases.

About the Author

Richard C. Carpenter, now retired, was the executive director of the South Western Regional Planning Agency in Connecticut.


I have never seen such complete coverage of railroads in any single document.

- Richard B. Hasselman, Senior Vice-President of Operations, Conrail (retired)

This will be the finest railroad atlas ever published.

- John C. Hudson, Northwestern University


The book is first and foremost a geography book that can appeal to a wider audience than the railroad historian. If you know the earlier volumes, you know that this book will bring the full measure of satisfaction brought by those earlier volumes.

- John Baesch - The Portolan

Carpenter continues his admirable effort to map American railroads in the immediate postwar era... Carpenter is to be commended for his efforts. The work is meticulous, the maps are clear and beautifully reproduced, and the resulting volume is a genuine research tool as opposed to a simple picture book.

- Matthew G. Anderson - Railroad History
Johns Hopkins University Press
Volume 4
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9781421401461 : a-railroad-atlas-of-the-united-states-in-1946-volume-4-carpenter
336 Pages
$75.00 USD

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