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February 18, 2022
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A Quest for the Historical Christ

Scientia Christi and the Modern Study of Jesus

A Quest for the Historical Christ brings together a collection of interrelated essays on the historical Jesus and primitive Christology. Sensitive to the diverse, but traditionally Protestant assumptions and perspectives of the "Quest" as well as to the widely lamented disconnect between New Testament exegesis and classical dogmatic theology, an alternative approach is proposed in these pages. Ecumenical and conciliar reference points, along with non-confessional historical methods (e.g. archeology) shape the basic project, which nevertheless assumes some distinctive and important Catholic contours. This particular synthesis injects the voice of a missing interlocutor into an established conversation that has not infrequently been both historically confused and dogmatically (and philosophically) numb.

The book is divided into three sections: Historical Foundations, Theological Perspectives, and Jesus and the Scriptures. While the individual chapters represent independent probes, the cumulative argument and arc of the study drives in clear and concerted directions. After a first approach to the Gospel data, attentive at once to historiographical and historical questions, a series of interventions reorienting the present scholarly discussion are suggested. These various, foundational essays lead, finally, to a sustained mediation on the mind of Christ, considered as a unique reader of the Scriptures: a meditation having its proper reflex and reflection in the way Christians themselves, as readers of the Gospels, participate in the Lord's own encounter with the living Word.

About the Author

Anthony Giambrone, OP, is Vice-Director and Professor of New Testament, Ecole biblique et archeologique francaise de Jerusalem.


"Offers a penetrating critique of various trends in contemporary historical Jesus research and related fields, but from a distinctively Catholic perspective. Given the fact that these respective fields are dominated by Protestant and secular scholars, such a robust and explicitly Catholic contribution adds a very important voice to the current conversation."—Brant Pitre, author of Jesus and the Last Supper

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Paperback / softback
February 18, 2022
$34.95 USD

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