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November 11, 2022
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A Primer of Pastoral Spanish

A Primer of Pastoral Spanish is designed to provide clergy, religious and laity alike with the tools to be pastoral among Spanish-speaking people. This primer is modeled after Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish (1953), whose author, Margarita Madrigal, bases her methodology on creating with the language instead of memorizing it. Previous knowledge of Spanish is not necessary, although, as you will discover, you already know thousands of words in Spanish. The vocabulary you know in English is the foundation on which you can build your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary. There are thousands of English words that become Spanish words if you can recognize the slight change that takes place from one language to the other. For example, you will learn how to conjugate a verb in Spanish to the first-person singular of the past tense by dropping a letter from its translation in English and adding an accent. There are 40 units in this primer. If you were to study each unit 30 minutes a day throughout Lent, for example, think about how far you could progress. Each unit consists of four sections: Vocabulary, Prayer or Culture, Cornerstones, and Vocabulary Review. There are four Check Your Progress units. These present more Challenges based on the grammar, vocabulary, and culture you learned in the previous units. The answers to the Challenges are at the end of these units.

About the Author

Michael J. McGrath is professor of Spanish at Georgia Southern University and the translator of The Art of the Game of Chess (CUA Press).
The Catholic University of America Press

9781949822182 : a-primer-of-pastoral-spanish-mcgrath
Paperback / softback
November 11, 2022
$24.95 USD

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