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March 1, 1998
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A Moral Vision for America

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago was for twenty years the most influential U.S. Catholic bishop; he was also a beloved public figure whose views commanded respect from Catholics and non-Catholics alike. This posthumous collection of a number of his major addresses on central moral issues in contemporary American life voices the causes that were closest to his heart: the sanctity and protection of all human life, the reshaping of American society and institutions for the benefit of the poorest, the preservation of peace in the pursuit of justice, and the growth of mutual understanding and harmony within the Church.

Spanning the period from the early 1980s to just weeks before his death in late 1996, these essays demonstrate a remarkably sustained and thoughtful effort to articulate an overall framework for moral decisions — "a consistent ethic of life" — and to affirm an active role for religious convictions in a pluralist democratic society. Cardinal Bernardin applies the Church's moral and social teachings to complex policy issues in a way that respects religious freedom and invites both reflection from Catholics and dialogue with people of other beliefs.

Written in a clear and accessible style, this volume will be of value to everyone interested in Cardinal Bernardin's moral vision for political choices. It will also be important for a wide range of readers concerned with in Christian ethics and the role of religion in the public sphere.

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin (1928-1996) served as the archbishop of Chicago from 1982 to 1996 and as archbishop of Cincinnati from 1972 to 1982. He was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 1983 and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1996 for his contribution to American civic life. He wrote The Gift of Peace (Loyola University Press, 1997).

About the Authors

John Langan, SJ, is Rose Kennedy Professor of Christian Ethics at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.


"An excellent resource Here speaks a man in the middle of things, a peacemaker worthy of the name, willing to stand in the gap when reinforcements are not within sight and when the cavalry is definitely not approaching."—America

"These selections are masterful. Consequently, this work is destined for historic value. In one source readers are presented with significant components of Bernardin's fears, hopes, dreams and the moral values that dominated his thinking from 1983 to 1996. Those familiar with his moral passions will find this book a handy summary of what he loved so much. For those not familiar with the cardinal, this book will function as an insightful introduction to his moral imagination and his personality."—National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly


"No one can claim to be informed about the place of religion in American public life without knowledge of the writings of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin collected here. . . . It sheds bright light on some of the most controverted ethical issues of our time, from abortion to war, poverty, and euthanasia. It reveals a masterful church leader at work with his characteristic courage and humility."—David Hollenbach, SJ, Margaret O'Brien Flatley Professor of Theology, Boston College

"Joseph Cardinal Bernardin had a broad and sophisticated vision of the impact of religious faith on our public life as a community. . . . John Langan's excellent collection will give many of Bernardin's admirers a chance to share and extend this vision."—Richard A. McCormick, SJ, John A. O'Brien Professor of Christian Ethics Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

Georgetown University Press

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