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March 25, 2019
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A Guide to Natural Areas of Northern Indiana

125 Unique Places to Explore

The must-have field-guide for discovering the natural beauty of northern Indiana and "The Region"
Beautiful and pristine, the natural areas of Indiana are perfect for nature lovers with a desire to explore. Featuring more than 140 beautiful color photos, A Guide to Natural Areas of Northern Indiana showcases the region's unique ecosystems and includes descriptions of the flora, fauna, geology, history, and recreational opportunities. For those who want excitement, there is information on hiking, camping, bird watching, horseback riding, boating, and more.
Environmental writer and photographer Steven Higgs takes readers to the most exquisite natural areas across the region, including the JD Marshall underwater shipwreck preserve in Lake Michigan, the Indiana Dunes State Park, the Hoosier Prairie Nature Preserve, the Valparaiso Moraine, Spicer Lake, and many more.
A must-have book for the explorer or nature lover, A Guide to Natural Areas of Northern Indianais the perfect resource for travelers who want to learn more about the region's distinctive natural heritage.

About the Author

Steven Higgs is an award-winning environmental writer and photographer and author of A Guide to Natural Areas of Southern Indiana and Eternal Vigilance: Nine Tales of Environmental Heroism in Indiana.


"Get outside and into the amazing places Steven has selected. This book is meant to be marked with your observations and questions, to be dog-eared, mud-stained, sweat-stained, well-worn. You are holding a guide, a prompt, an invitation to explore the splendors of our northern Indiana natural areas, teaming with life."—Jason Kissel, Executive Director, ACRES Land Trust

"Steve's guides to the natural areas of Indiana are always thoroughly researched and thoughtfully presented. I look forward to having his guide to northern Indiana with me on my nextvisit to that area of the state."—Bowden Quinn, Director, Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter

"As someone who has spent nearly a decade of my career managing some of northern Indiana's most beautiful natural areas for The Nature Conservancy, it is truly a pleasure to flip through the pages of Steven Higgs' latest book, A Guide to Natural Areas of Northern Indiana. In addition to giving interesting background, detailed directions, and a brief history for each of the sites, the book celebrates the people and organizations whose vision and dedication are responsible for preserving these incredible pieces of Indiana's natural history for future generations to enjoy. This is a book that anyone who enjoys hiking, camping, or exploring the outdoors will cherish."—Matt Williams, author of Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest

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