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March 6, 2024
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A Contemporary Introduction to Thomistic Metaphysics

A Contemporary Introduction to Metaphysics provides the reader with an introductory presentation of key themes in Thomistic metaphysics. There are many such books, but this one is, to use a phrase Michael Gorman has adopted, "analytic-facing," i.e., it presents things in dialogue with analytic philosophy. Sometimes that means disagreeing with analytic proposals (for example, possible worlds), and sometimes it means agreeing with them (for instance, making ample use of Ryle's notion of "systematically misleading expressions").

What's more, it (gently) takes a somewhat deflationary attitude towards many things metaphysicians like to talk about, such as accidents, universals, and the like. By "deflationary" Gorman means that such items are taken seriously, but their ontological status is taken down a notch: features, universals, possible worlds, and other such things are understood in terms of what substances are and what substances are. Substances are "basic beings," and other things are what they are only in relation to substances. Of course this is Aristotle 101, but metaphysicians, Aristotelians included, often slip into treating non-substances as mini-substances, and Gorman pushes back against this throughout.

A Contemporary Introduction to Thomistic Metaphysics begins by explaining what philosophy is, what metaphysics is, and how these relate to other kinds of thinking. It then moves through a series of topics, ending with a brief look at applications of metaphysical thinking in theology.

About the Author

Michael Gorman is ordinary professor of philosophy at The Catholic University of America.


"This book is excellent. Each year I teach 2-3 sections of metaphysics, aimed primarily but not exclusively at seminarians who need to know metaphysics to flourish in their later theological training. This book is perfect; I fully expect to be teaching it for years to come."—Tim Pawl, University of St. Thomas

9780813237336 : a-contemporary-introduction-to-thomistic-metaphysics-gorman
Paperback / softback
March 6, 2024
$34.95 USD

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