January 10, 2006
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A Biographical Dictionary of Women's Movements and Feminisms

Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe, 19th and 20th Centuries

This Biographical Dictionary describes the lives, works and aspirations of more than 150 women and men who were active in, or part of, women's movements and feminisms in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Thus, it challenges the widely held belief that there was no historical feminism in this part of Europe.

These innovative and often moving biographical portraits not only show that feminists existed here, but also that they were widespread and diverse, and included Romanian princesses, Serbian philosophers and peasants, Latvian and Slovakian novelists, Albanian teachers, Hungarian Christian social workers and activists of the Catholic women's movement, Austrian factory workers, Bulgarian feminist scientists and socialist feminists, Russian radicals, philanthropists, militant suffragists and Bolshevik activists, prominent writers and philosophers of the Ottoman era, as well as Turkish republican leftist political activists and nationalists, internationally recognized Greek feminist leaders, Estonian pharmacologists and science historians, Slovenian 'literary feminists,' Czech avant-garde painters, Ukrainian feminist scholars, Polish and Czech Senate Members, and many more.

Their stories together constitute a rich tapestry of feminist activity and redress a serious imbalance in the historiography of women's movements and feminisms.

About the Authors

Dr. Francisca de Haan is Professor of Gender Studies at the Central European University, Budapest. She is Vice-President of the International Federation for Research in Women's History. Dr. Krassimira Daskalova is Associate Professor of Modern Cultural History at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. She is President of the International Federation for Research in Women's History. Anna Loutfi is a doctoral candidate in the comparative history of Central, South Eastern and Eastern Europe at the Central European University, Budapest. 


"The excellent team of authors represents two generations of post-1989 women's historians in CESEE, many of whom published path-breaking research in their respective countries. The main goal of this dictionary is to offer reliable information on the history of women's movements and feminism in CESEE. The editors' aim is to provide comparative materials for students and researchers looking at the history of feminism and the women's movement from a transnational perspective. What unifies this project, is its political aim: to provide a "historical support" for contemporary feminism in the region by presenting it as a historical continuation of once interrupted indigenous women's movements, rather than as simply a post-1989 Western ideological import. Thus, the project responds to the very real problem of the deepening and institutionalizing of gender inequality in the countries of the region (mostly post-communist ones)."—Ab Imperio

"This useful reference covers the former territories of the AustroHungarian empire and the European countries of the Ottoman and Soviet empires.... This is an excellent introduction for English speakers. It could also be a useful resource for specialists in the field since most of the bibliographies include references to archival resources: the sources are nearly all foreign. I have also discovered that a large number of sources are not cataloged in OCLC (WorldCat) by any institution: if this means these resources are not in the United States, then bibliographers have a good source for trying to acquire feminist materials from this area of the world. In addition to academic and research libraries, I recommend this book for high school and public libraries for women seeking information on feminists from countries of their origin."—Feminist Collection

"Anyone interested in women's movements and feminism in Europe will find a wealth of useful information here – much of it otherwise inaccessible in the English language. The work of synthesising and analysing women's and feminist movements in most of the countries of central, eastern and south eastern Europe still lies ahead. This volume provides an important start, and is a very welcome reference book."—Gender & History

"The Dictionary, which grew out of a project to create a calendar with 'biographical portraits of feminists from Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe,' has stong inspirational value and a human interest angle that attend this genre. Along with the original research, it should provide a strong basis for further scholarly investigation into this fascinating topic."—Slavic and East European Journal
Central European University Press

9789637326394 : a-biographical-dictionary-of-womens-movements-and-feminisms-de-haan-daskalova-loutfi
702 Pages
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