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October 17, 1996
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A Aubrey Bodine

Baltimore Pictorialist, 1906-1970

For nearly fifty years, A. Aubrey Bodine was a Maryland institution, the photographer for the Baltimore Sunday Sun. Surveying the entire range of his work (there are ten thousand Bodine negatives in Baltimore's Peale Museum alone) Kathleen Ewing has selected sixty-eight photographs to show the photographer at his representative—and sometimes surprising—best. In her accompanying text, Ewing places Bodine's work in the romantic pictorial tradition, alongside the early work of Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Westen, Laura Gilpin, and others.

Bodine is perhaps best remembered for his photographs of the Chesapeake Bay and its watermen, but he was also a portrait photographer of consummate skill, capturing subjects as diverse as a group of Amish children and H. L. Mencken by his woodpile on his seventy-fifth birthday. His images of blazing Bessemer steel furnaces and shining barn roofs are equally striking. While Bodine's camera focused mainly on Maryland, he occasionally ventured beyond to show misty rooftops in Nuremberg or championship boxers. A. Aubrey Bodine, Baltimore Pictorialist is a book to be treasured by Marylanders rediscovering an old friend as well as by admirers of photography seeing for the first time the work of a fine American artist.

About the Author

Kathleen M. H. Ewing has, since 1976, owned and directed a gallery in Washington, D.C., specializing in contemporary photography. She has worked extensively with the A. Aubrey Bodine photographic estate since 1979. Previously she held positions with the National Gallery of Art.


"[An] exceptionally handsome and informative book. It contains 68 photographs, a representative sample of Bodine's work along with intelligent commentary... For readers who have known his work for years and for those coming to it for the first time, it is an eminently rewarding and pleasurable book."

- Jonathan Yardley - Washington Post

"They don't make photographers like A. Aubrey Bodine anymore. A photographer for the Baltimore Sunday Sun from 1927 to 1970, he practiced a salon style of Pictorialism with consummate grace and skill... A sincere tribute to Bodine as a regional artist."

- Andy Grundberg - New York Times Book Review

"[This] prize-winning photographer for The Sunday Sun was associated by readers with beautiful photographs of Maryland... [But] there was more to his work than his much-admired views of the Chesapeake Bay and the surrounding countryside, or his quintessential portraits of personalities such as H. L. Mencken... A. Aubrey Bodine enlarge[s] our awareness of the photographer's abilities and aims."

- Elisabeth Stevens - Baltimore Sun

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