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November 11, 2011
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5,000 Years of Chinese Jade

Featuring Selections from the National Museum of History, Taiwan, and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

5,000 Years of Chinese Jade is a concise visual survey of art-historically important jade spanning the Neolithic period to the 19th century, offering a stunning visual journey through themes and time periods important in the history of jade in China. The book is arranged chronologically in five main periods: Neolithic, Shang to Zhou dynasty, Han to Song dynasty, Yuan and Ming dynasties, and the Qing dynasty. Primary subjects and themes include ritual objects, weapons, scholars' objects, adornments and jewelry, and vessels, providing an important new resource for the study of Chinese jade.

About the Authors

John Johnston is Coates-Cowden-Brown Curator of Asian Art at the San Antonio Museum of Art. Chan Lai Pik is a research fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Lin Shwu Shin is the author of Jade: Chi'ng Dynasty Treasures.


"5,000 Years of Chinese Jade is a beautiful book, with clear and concise essays, excellent photographs and thoughtful catalog entries, which give readers a new appreciation for the significance of jade throughout Chinese history. It would make an excellent addition to any library."—May-Lee Chai, Asian Affairs: An American Review
San Antonio Museum of Art

9780615471808 : 5000-years-of-chinese-jade-johnston-pik-shin
Paperback / softback
$29.95 USD

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