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January 1, 2011
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100 Years of Cruelty

Essays on Artaud

Edited by Edward Scheer
100 Years of Cruelty brings together responses to the Artaud question from some of the leading contemporary scholars working in the humanities today. The essays cover a wide variety of topics in opening the Artaud question to the disciplines - and the demarcations upon which so much knowledge and art practice is defined. They are intended as an affront to conservative thought, as an attack on clinical reason and as an open challenge to the corporate university.

About the Author

Edward Scheer is a lecturer in the School of Theatre, Film and Dance at the Univerisity of New South Wales. Other contributors include Rex Butler, Alan Cholodenko, Lisabeth During, Frances Dyson, Patrick Fuery, Jane Goodall, Douglas Kahn, Julia Kristeva, Sylvere Lotringer, Mike Parr, Bill Schaffer, Edward Scheer, Lesley Stern, Samuel Weber, and Allen S. Weiss.


"Lacan says that the hysteric is a question raised to the medical establishment: Artaud is nothing but the question itself and it's a question raised to art, to theatre, and to society. The question itself cannot be defined because it's the function of the question that's important."—Sylvere Lotringer
Power Publications, Sydney

9781864872910 : 100-years-of-cruelty-scheer
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