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February 24, 2020
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1 Clement

A Reader's Edition

The present volume is a "reader's edition" of 1 Clement, an important early Christian epistolary writing in Greek that probably dates from the late first century CE. The volume is designed for rapid reading and for classroom use. On each left-facing page is printed a running, sequential section of the Greek text. Next to that, on each right-facing page, are recorded all of the more unusual words in that section of Greek text, with dictionary form, part of speech, and definition(s). All of the more common words in that same section of Greek text are included in a comprehensive glossary at the end of the book.

This system, then, is designed so that the reader of the Greek text will not have to stop to look up every unusual Greek word in a printed or online dictionary. He or she will simply have to look to the facing page. Such constant lookups in a printed or online dictionary are tedious and time-consuming, and have little pedagogical value. Since in the present edition the words recorded on the right-facing page are not parsed, the reader is still faced with the challenge of parsing the word and determining its place in the overall structure of the sentence. It is this process that does serve a useful pedagogical purpose, and the present system preserves the challenge of this process.

The introduction to the volume covers (1) 1 Clement's genre, date, setting in life, purpose, sources, and main themes; (2) the compositional outline of the book; (3) the book's authorship, history of reception, and textual attestation; (4) discussion of the present "reader's edition"; (5) a list of scriptural quotations and allusions; and (6) a comprehensive bibliography on the text of 1 Clement.

About the Author

Theodore A. Bergren is associate professor of religion emeritus at the University of Richmond.


"I like Bergren's approach because he is not trying to provide what standard Greek grammars and lexica already provide. It is a genuine work of philosophical pedagogy which will be very adaptable to the teaching interests of theologians and biblical scholars as well as Greek language specialists. By carefully selecting the kind of things that serious and committed modern students of an ancient text really need help with, it encourages a serious commitment to the study of Greek and early Christian literature."—Gerald Malsbary, Belmont College

"Bergren presents a welcome alternative for beginning classes in Koine Greek. As he notes, the typical "reader" usually consists of NT excerpts, and students may be reading the Greek more from memory than actual understanding. 1 Clement is a good choice for a text close enough to the NT, not too difficult, and replete with biblical references... This publication should be seriously considered by teachers of beginning Biblical Greek as a fine supplement, once the basics of declensions and verb tenses are mastered."—Catholic Biblical Quarterly

"Bergren's reader is excellent and will serve students of Koine Greek and of early church history well."—Religious Studies Review

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Paperback / softback
218 Pages
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