Judith Roof

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Titles by Judith Roof

The Year's Work in Nerds, Wonks, and Neocons

edited by Jonathan P. Eburne, Benjamin Schreier, with contributions by Dennis W. Allen, William J. Maxwell, Warren Liu, Nathan L. Grant, Jennifer Glaser, Sara Marzioli, Brian Glavey, Judith Roof, Jamie K. Taylor, Scott T. Smith, Melissa...
Apr 2017 - Indiana University Press
$90.00 USD - Hardback
$18.00 USD - Paperback / softback

The Year's Work in the Oddball Archive

edited by Jonathan P. Eburne, Colin Dickey, edited by Judith Roof, with contributions by Beth A. McCoy, Robin Blyn, Grant Farred, Seth Morton, Atia Sattar, Charles M. Tung, Colin Dickey, with contributions by David L. Martin
Feb 2016 - Indiana University Press
$15.00 USD - Paperback / softback
$75.00 USD - Hardback

Ian Fleming and James Bond

edited by Edward P. Dallis-Comentale, Stephen Watt, Skip Willman, with contributions by Alexis Albion, Dennis W. Allen, James Chapman, Vivian Nun Halloran, Jaime Hovey, Aaron Jaffe, Christoph Lindner, Andrew Lycett, Patrick O’Donnell, C...
Apr 2005 - Indiana University Press
$26.00 USD - Paperback / softback